Watch Bruins’ Matthew Poitras score on Red Wings goalie with great deke

Get ready to witness an incredible display of skill as Matthew Poitras, a talented player from the Boston Bruins, outmaneuvers the Detroit Red Wings’ goalie with an impeccable deke move. During an intense game between the Bruins and Red Wings, Poitras cunningly deceived the goalie, stunning both players and spectators alike. Lucky for us, the video capturing this memorable goal is now accessible, allowing us to marvel at Poitras’ exceptional talent and the electrifying moment that unfolded on the ice. Get ready to be amazed as you witness this remarkable feat of skill and precision.

Matthew Poitras Scores on Red Wings Goalie


In this thrilling hockey match between the Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings, Matthew Poitras of the Bruins displayed his exceptional skills and scored a phenomenal goal against the Red Wings’ goalie. His quick thinking and impeccable execution left both players and fans in awe. Let’s dive into the details and relive this exciting moment in the game.

Setting the Scene

The game took place at the legendary Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The atmosphere was electrifying, with fans filling the arena to support their beloved Red Wings. The players entered the ice, ready to showcase their talent and compete at the highest level. It was an intense matchup that got everyone’s heart racing.

Description of the Goal

With the puck deep in the Red Wings’ zone, Matthew Poitras seized the opportunity to make a game-changing play. With his lightning-fast reflexes and exceptional stickhandling skills, he made his way towards the opposing net. The crowd held their breath as they watched him display his prowess on the ice.

The Deke Maneuver

A deke maneuver, short for “deception,” is a cunning technique used by skilled hockey players to deceive the goalie and create scoring opportunities. Matthew Poitras executed a textbook deke that left the Red Wings’ goalie stunned. With a combination of lightning-quick stickhandling, body fakes, and precise timing, he showcased his mastery of this art.

Reactions and Analysis

The entire arena erupted in a chorus of cheers as the puck made its way past the goalie and into the net. Both teammates and opponents couldn’t help but acknowledge the brilliance of Poitras’s goal. The Red Wings’ players were left in disbelief, while the Bruins celebrated their teammate’s remarkable achievement.

Impact on the Game

This incredible goal had a profound impact on the momentum and outcome of the game. It not only gave the Bruins a much-needed lead but also boosted their confidence and energized the entire team. The Red Wings, on the other hand, found themselves playing catch-up, desperately looking for ways to recover from Poitras’s masterful display.

Game Details

The game took place on an unforgettable night, with the date and time still etched in the memories of all those present. It was a regular-season game, with both teams vying for a crucial win. The statistics of the game displayed an even battle between the two teams, but it was Matthew Poitras’s goal that stood out as the highlight of the night.

Player Background: Matthew Poitras

Matthew Poitras, a highly skilled forward for the Boston Bruins, showcased his talent and ability throughout the game. His exceptional performance came as no surprise to those familiar with his style of play. Poitras is known for his agility, speed, and remarkable stickhandling skills, making him a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

Opponent: Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings, a storied franchise in the world of hockey, undoubtedly posed a formidable challenge for the Boston Bruins. Known for their strong defensive play and efficient goaltending, the Red Wings were a test of skill and strategy for the Bruins. However, Matthew Poitras’s goal proved that even the most formidable opponents can be overcome with determination and skill.

Watching the Video

For those who missed witnessing this incredible goal firsthand, the video footage of the game is available for viewing. It allows fans, analysts, and enthusiasts alike to relive each moment and truly appreciate the expertise showcased by Poitras. Watching the video provides a deeper understanding of the goal’s impact and the sheer brilliance of Poitras’s execution.



The article dives into the exceptional goal scored by Matthew Poitras of the Boston Bruins against the Detroit Red Wings’ goalie. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the goal, the impact it had on the game, and the reactions it elicited from players, coaches, and fans.


The objective of this article is to celebrate and appreciate Matthew Poitras’s impressive goal, while also shedding light on the strategic aspects and impact it had during the game. By providing detailed descriptions and analysis, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the skill and excitement that unfolded on the ice.

Watch Bruins Matthew Poitras score on Red Wings goalie with great deke

Setting the Scene

The Teams

The Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings, two renowned teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), took center stage in this exciting matchup. Both teams boast a rich history and a loyal fan base, setting the stage for a thrilling competition.

The Venue

The game was held at the historical Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, a venue that holds memories of countless iconic games and moments in hockey history. The arena’s walls seemed to carry the echoes of past triumphs and it provided the perfect backdrop for this highly anticipated clash.

Game Situation

The game was a closely contested battle, with both teams exhibiting their skills and strategies. The score was tied, and tensions ran high as the clock ticked down. It was in this intense game situation that Matthew Poitras rose to the occasion and left an indelible mark on the match.

Description of the Goal

Goal Scorer

Matthew Poitras, a forward for the Boston Bruins, became the hero of the night with his exceptional goal. He showcased his unrivaled skill set, leaving everyone in awe of his talent and ability to seize opportunities when they arise.


The goal was scored by Poitras alone, without any assists. It showcased his individual brilliance and highlighted his ability to create scoring opportunities single-handedly.

Key Moments

The key moment in this goal occurred when Poitras outwitted the Red Wings’ defense and quickly found himself one-on-one with the goalie. It was in this split-second decision that he showcased his extraordinary skill and executed a flawless deke maneuver.


The outcome was, undeniably, a goal. Poitras managed to deceive the goalie with his impeccable deke, allowing the puck to find the back of the net. The crowd erupted in celebration, and Poitras’s teammates rushed to congratulate him on his remarkable achievement.

Watch Bruins Matthew Poitras score on Red Wings goalie with great deke

The Deke Maneuver

What is a Deke?

A deke, short for “deception,” is a technique used by hockey players to trick the goalie and create scoring opportunities. It involves quick and strategic puck movement, body fakes, and timing to deceive the goalie into making the wrong move.

Poitras’ Deke

Matthew Poitras executed a flawless deke, stunning both the goalie and the opposing team. With lightning-quick stickhandling, precise body movements, and an acute understanding of the goalie’s positioning, Poitras showcased his mastery of this skill.

Execution and Effectiveness

Poitras’s execution of the deke maneuver was impeccable. His stickhandling was lightning fast, forcing the goalie to make split-second decisions. The precise body movements and fakes not only deceived the goalie but also created an opening to shoot the puck into the net.

Goalie’s Reaction

The Red Wings’ goalie was left stunned and disoriented by Poitras’s deke. Despite their best efforts, the goalie was unable to anticipate or react in time to prevent the puck from slipping past them. Poitras’s deke left the goalie grasping at thin air, a testament to its effectiveness and brilliance.

Reactions and Analysis

Players’ Reactions

Players from both teams were in awe of Poitras’s goal. The opposing players couldn’t help but appreciate the skill and precision displayed by Poitras, while his teammates celebrated his achievement. It was a moment that showcased not only Poitras’s individual brilliance but also the respect and admiration he commanded from his peers.

Coach’s Reaction

The coach of the Boston Bruins was, understandably, delighted by Poitras’s goal. It showcased the effectiveness of the team’s training and the caliber of players they had. The coach recognized the impact of this goal on the team’s morale and made sure to highlight Poitras’s contribution during the post-game analysis.

Goalie’s Perspective

For the goalie, being scored upon is always frustrating. In this case, the Red Wings’ goalie couldn’t help but appreciate the sheer skill and speed displayed by Poitras. They recognized that the deke maneuver was executed flawlessly, leaving them with little chance of stopping the puck.

Media and Fan Reactions

The media and fans alike erupted in applause and excitement after witnessing Poitras’s goal. It quickly became a topic of discussion on social media platforms, with fans in awe of his talent. The media, too, highlighted Poitras’s remarkable goal, praising his individual brilliance and the exhilaration it brought to the game.

Impact on the Game


Poitras’s goal had an immediate impact on the scoreboard, giving the Bruins a much-needed lead. The goal not only boosted the Bruins’ confidence but also put them in a position of advantage, forcing the Red Wings to up their game and find a way to equalize.

Team Momentum

The goal shifted the momentum firmly in favor of the Bruins. The confidence boost, coupled with the excitement and energy generated by the goal, created a surge of determination among the team. The Bruins played with renewed vigor, making their presence felt throughout the rest of the game.

Psychological Impact

From a psychological standpoint, Poitras’s goal had a significant impact on both teams. The Bruins gained a psychological edge, knowing that they were capable of beating a strong opponent like the Red Wings. The Red Wings, on the other hand, had to regroup and find a way to recover from the blow dealt by Poitras’s goal.

Game Result

While the impact of Poitras’s goal was substantial, it was just one element in a closely fought game. In the end, the final result would depend on the combined efforts of both teams. However, there is no denying that Poitras’s goal left an indelible mark on the game and greatly influenced the outcome.

Game Details

Date and Time

The exact date and time of the game remain a vivid memory for those who witnessed the extraordinary goal. It was an unforgettable moment in hockey history that captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Game Type

The game was a regular-season matchup, where both teams battled for precious points in the league standings. The significance of the game was not lost on the players, fans, or analysts.

Game Statistics

Aside from Poitras’s incredible goal, the game witnessed noteworthy statistics and plays. From spectacular saves by the goalies to remarkable offensive and defensive plays, the game was a display of competitive prowess and skill.

Key Plays

While Poitras’s goal undoubtedly stood out, there were other key plays throughout the game that added to the excitement. These plays showcased the determination, talent, and strategy of both teams, keeping fans on the edge of their seats until the final buzzer.

Player Background: Matthew Poitras

Player Profile

Matthew Poitras is an exceptional forward for the Boston Bruins, known for his agility, speed, and remarkable stickhandling skills. Throughout his career, Poitras has consistently proved himself as a formidable opponent, both offensively and defensively.

Previous Performances

Poitras’s goal against the Red Wings is just one of many highlights in his career. Known for his ability to excel in high-pressure situations, Poitras has a track record of making critical plays that impact the outcome of games. His skill and dedication have earned him the respect and admiration of fans and peers alike.

Skills and Style

Poitras’s exceptional stickhandling skills, combined with his agility and speed, make him a versatile player on the ice. Whether it be creating scoring opportunities for his teammates or finding the back of the net himself, Poitras’s skill set and style of play are truly impressive.

Watching the Video

Accessing the Video

For those who missed the game or want to relive the epic goal, the video footage is readily available. Fans and enthusiasts can access the video online and witness the brilliance of Matthew Poitras’s goal firsthand.

Analysis of the Goal

Watching the video provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of Poitras’s goal. It allows viewers to analyze the skill, timing, and execution that went into the deke maneuver. Additionally, it reveals the reactions of players, coaches, and fans, helping viewers grasp the impact and excitement surrounding the goal.

Share and Comment

After watching the video, fans and enthusiasts can share their thoughts and reactions. Social media platforms and online forums provide spaces for fans to discuss the goal, share their admiration for Poitras’s skill, and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow fans.

In conclusion, Matthew Poitras’s goal against the Detroit Red Wings’ goalie was a testament to his exceptional skill set and hockey prowess. In this high-stakes game, Poitras demonstrated his ability to seize the moment and execute a flawless deke maneuver, leaving the goalie stunned and everyone in awe. The impact of this goal on the game, the players, and the fans was significant, and it will forever be remembered as a defining moment in Matthew Poitras’s career.