NHL DFS: Yahoo Plays and Strategy for Monday, December 4

Are you ready to dominate your NHL DFS game on Yahoo this Monday, December 4? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the key plays and strategies to help you build a winning lineup. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to unleash your fantasy hockey skills and take home the big prize! Let’s dive into the exciting world of NHL DFS and make this Monday one to remember.

NHL DFS: Yahoo Plays and Strategy for Monday, December 4

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Top Goalie Plays

Value Goalies

When it comes to choosing goalies for your NHL DFS lineup on Yahoo, finding value plays can be crucial. Value goalies are those who have a relatively low salary but still have a great chance of performing well and earning fantasy points. These goalies can help you fit more high-priced skaters into your lineup without sacrificing quality in net. Look for value goalies who are facing weaker opponents or are playing at home, as these factors can greatly increase their chances of success.

High-Priced Goalies

On the other end of the spectrum, high-priced goalies can offer a certain level of security and consistency. These goaltenders often have a proven track record and are typically facing tough opponents, which means they have a good chance of earning you solid fantasy points. While they may be more expensive, these high-priced goalies can be worth the investment if you have the budget available. Consider rostering them when you’re confident in their ability to come through for your team.

Best Skater Plays


When it comes to selecting forwards for your NHL DFS lineup, there are a few factors to consider. Look for players who are on a hot streak and have been consistently scoring points in recent games. Additionally, target forwards who have favorable matchups or are part of high-scoring lines. These players have a higher chance of finding the back of the net and can greatly boost your fantasy points. Don’t be afraid to pay up for top-tier forwards if they have a favorable matchup and are likely to produce big numbers.


Choosing defensemen for your Yahoo NHL DFS lineup can be a bit trickier than selecting forwards. However, there are still plenty of options to consider. Look for defensemen who are involved in their team’s offensive play and have a track record of scoring points. Additionally, consider defensemen who are known for their shot-blocking ability and can earn you points in that category. Keep an eye on injuries and lineup changes, as they can greatly impact a defenseman’s value.

Stacks to Target

Line Stacks

Stacking players from the same line can be a great strategy in NHL DFS. This means selecting a group of players who play together on the same forward line, as they often have great chemistry and can generate scoring opportunities. Look for line stacks from high-scoring teams or lines that have been on a hot streak. By stacking players from the same line, you increase your chances of earning points whenever that line scores a goal or assists on a goal.

Power Play Stacks

Power play stacks involve selecting multiple players from the same team’s power play unit. The power play unit typically consists of the team’s top offensive players, and they have an increased chance of scoring goals or earning assists when their team has a man advantage. Look for teams with potent power play units and stack their top players. This strategy can yield big rewards if the power play unit performs well. Keep an eye on injuries and lineup changes that could impact a team’s power play unit.

Sneaky Value Plays

Low-Owned Skaters

In NHL DFS, finding low-owned skaters who have the potential to perform well can give you a major edge over the competition. These players are often overlooked by many DFS players, which means they have lower ownership percentages. Look for low-owned skaters who have a favorable matchup or have been performing well recently but haven’t received much attention. These sneaky value plays can provide a significant boost to your lineup if they have a breakout game.

Under-the-Radar Goalies

Similar to finding under-the-radar skaters, identifying under-the-radar goalies can be a key strategy in NHL DFS. These are goalies who may not be well-known or have high ownership percentages but have the potential to perform well. Look for under-the-radar goalies who are facing weaker opponents or have been playing consistently well. These goalies can often provide excellent value for their price and can be a difference-maker in your lineup.

NHL DFS: Yahoo Plays and Strategy for Monday, December 4

Key Injuries to Monitor

Impact on Lineups

Injuries are an inevitable part of professional sports, and they can have a significant impact on NHL DFS lineups. When key players get injured, it often results in a reshuffling of the team’s lines and power play units. It’s crucial to stay updated on the latest injury news and how it affects a player’s teammates. Injuries to top players can create opportunities for lesser-known players to step up and excel in their absence, so keep a close eye on injury updates and adjust your lineup accordingly.

Replacement Options

When a key player gets injured, it’s essential to identify their replacement and assess their value in NHL DFS. Oftentimes, teams have capable players waiting in the wings who can step up and contribute in the absence of a star player. Look for replacement options who have a history of performing well when given the opportunity or players who have recently shown promise. These replacement options can provide excellent value and allow you to fill the gap left by an injured player in your lineup.

Recent Trends and Hot Hand Analysis

Player Form

Analyzing recent trends and player form is crucial when making NHL DFS lineup decisions. Look for players who have been consistently performing well and scoring points in their last few games. Players who are in a scoring slump or have been underperforming may not be the best options for your lineup, even if they have a favorable matchup. Pay attention to players who are on a hot streak and ride their momentum by rostering them in your lineup.

Team Performance

Assessing a team’s performance as a whole can also provide valuable insights for NHL DFS. Look for teams that are on a winning streak or have been scoring a high number of goals in recent games. These teams often have multiple players who are contributing to their success and can be great options to target in your lineup. Conversely, be cautious of teams that have been struggling or have a history of poor performance. Even if individual players have favorable matchups, they may not produce significant fantasy points if their team is not performing well.

NHL DFS: Yahoo Plays and Strategy for Monday, December 4

Buy Low, Sell High Candidates

Underperforming Stars

Identifying underperforming stars can present a unique opportunity in NHL DFS. These are typically high-priced players who have not been living up to their expectations or have been in a scoring slump. While it may seem counterintuitive, buying low on these stars can be a shrewd move if you believe they will bounce back soon. Look for signs of improvement in their recent performance or favorable matchups that could spark a resurgence. Buying low on underperforming stars can give you a major advantage if they return to their usual level of production.

Undervalued Sleepers

Undervalued sleepers are players who are performing well but may not be getting the recognition they deserve in NHL DFS. These players often have a lower salary but have been consistently delivering solid fantasy points. Look for undervalued sleepers who are part of high-scoring lines or have favorable matchups. These players can provide excellent value for their price and can help you fit more high-priced stars into your lineup. Don’t overlook undervalued sleepers when constructing your NHL DFS lineup.

Player News and Updates

Lineup Changes

Keeping up with the latest lineup changes is crucial in NHL DFS. Teams often make last-minute adjustments to their lines and power play units, which can greatly impact player values. Stay updated on the latest player news and lineup changes to ensure your lineup is optimized for success. Roster players who are in favorable positions within their team’s lineup and adjust your lineup accordingly if there are any significant changes.

Injury Updates

Injuries are a common occurrence in hockey, and staying updated on the latest injury news is vital in NHL DFS. When key players get injured, it opens up opportunities for their teammates to step up and excel. Conversely, injuries to top players can significantly impact their team’s performance and the performance of their linemates. Keep a close eye on injury updates and assess their impact on player values and lineup potential.

Battle of the Backup Goalies

Advantages and Disadvantages

When a team’s starting goalie is given a night off, the backup goalie steps into the spotlight. Betting on the backup goalie in NHL DFS comes with its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, backup goalies are often less expensive than their starting counterparts, allowing you to allocate more salary cap to your skaters. Additionally, backup goalies can provide opportunities for high upside if they perform well. On the other hand, backup goalies may have less experience and face tougher opponents, making them a riskier option. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before rostering a backup goalie in your NHL DFS lineup.

Risk vs. Reward

Choosing a backup goalie in NHL DFS involves weighing the risk and reward. Backup goalies often have lower ownership percentages, which means they can provide a unique opportunity for differentiation if they perform well. However, the risk of a backup goalie underperforming or facing a high-scoring opponent is also present. Assess the risk and reward when considering a backup goalie and consider other factors such as the team’s performance and the goalie’s recent form. Understand the potential upside and downside before deciding on a backup goalie for your NHL DFS lineup.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Corsi and Fenwick Ratings

Advanced statistical analysis can provide valuable insights when making NHL DFS lineup decisions. Corsi and Fenwick ratings are two commonly used metrics that measure shot attempt differentials for and against a team. These ratings can provide an indication of a team’s possession and scoring opportunities. Look for teams with high Corsi and Fenwick ratings, as they often generate more shots on goal and have a higher chance of scoring. Consider players from these teams when constructing your NHL DFS lineup.

PDO and Shot Percentage

PDO and shot percentage are additional advanced statistical metrics that can influence NHL DFS lineup decisions. PDO combines a team’s shooting and save percentages to assess their overall performance, while shot percentage looks specifically at a player’s ability to convert shots into goals. Look for teams with high PDO and players with high shot percentages, as they are likely to continue performing well and generating fantasy points. Understanding these advanced statistical metrics can give you an edge when constructing your NHL DFS lineup.

With thorough analysis of value goalies, high-priced goalies, best skater plays, stacks to target, sneaky value plays, key injuries to monitor, recent trends and hot hand analysis, buy low-sell high candidates, player news and updates, battle of the backup goalies, and advanced statistical analysis, you are now armed with the strategies and knowledge needed to succeed in NHL DFS on Yahoo for Monday, December 4th. Good luck and enjoy the excitement of daily fantasy sports!

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