Maloof Family Sells 15% Stake in Vegas Golden Knights

Guess who just made a major deal in the world of professional sports? It’s none other than the Maloof Family, who have recently sold a 15% stake in the Vegas Golden Knights. As part of their ongoing effort to divest their sports holdings, this sale marks a significant shift in their portfolio. For those unfamiliar, the Vegas Golden Knights are the thrilling ice hockey team based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since their establishment in 2017, they have become a proud member of the National Hockey League (NHL). Initially owning 15% of the team, the Maloof Family has now decided to part ways with their stake, setting off ripples in the sports world. Take a closer look at the fascinating story behind this transaction and discover the future prospects for both the team and the family.

Maloof Family Sells 15% Stake in Vegas Golden Knights

Background of the Maloof Family

The Maloof Family has long been involved in the sports industry, with a history of owning and operating various professional sports teams. They are perhaps most well-known for their ownership of the Sacramento Kings basketball team, but their interests also extend to other sports, including ice hockey. The family has been fervent supporters and investors in the industry for many years.

Overview of the Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are a relatively new addition to the National Hockey League (NHL) and were established in 2017. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the team quickly made its mark in the league by reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in its inaugural season, an impressive feat for any expansion team. Owned by a consortium of investors, including the Maloof Family, the Vegas Golden Knights have garnered a strong fan base in a short amount of time.

Maloof Family Sells 15% Stake in Vegas Golden Knights

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Reasons for the Sale

The decision by the Maloof Family to sell their 15% stake in the Vegas Golden Knights is part of a broader effort to divest their sports holdings. While the family has a deep love and passion for sports, they have recognized the need to strategically reallocate their resources and focus on other ventures. This sale is not a reflection of any discontent with the team or the NHL but rather a strategic choice to streamline their investment portfolio.

The Divestment Strategy

Divestment is a common strategy employed by businesses and individuals alike when seeking to restructure their asset allocation. For the Maloof Family, divesting their sports holdings allows them to capitalize on their investments and use the proceeds to fuel other ventures. They are actively seeking new opportunities and believe that diversifying their portfolio will lead to long-term financial growth and stability.

Maloof Family Sells 15% Stake in Vegas Golden Knights

Sale Details and Stakeholder

The sale of the 15% stake in the Vegas Golden Knights was completed through a private transaction. While the exact details of the sale are not publicly disclosed, it is likely that the Maloof Family received a significant return on their investment. The stake was sold to an undisclosed buyer, who now joins the group of investors that collectively own the team.

Impact on Team Ownership

With the sale of the Maloof Family’s stake, there will be a shift in the ownership structure of the Vegas Golden Knights. However, since the stake was relatively small compared to the consortium of investors, the impact on the team’s operations and management is expected to be minimal. The remaining ownership group remains committed to the team’s success and will continue to provide the necessary support and resources for its operations.

Maloof Family Sells 15% Stake in Vegas Golden Knights

Reaction from the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) has expressed support for the Maloof Family’s decision to sell their stake in the Vegas Golden Knights. The league understands that business decisions are often made based on strategic considerations, and they respect the family’s desire to divest their sport holdings. The NHL remains confident in the continued success of the Vegas Golden Knights under the new ownership structure.

Implications for the Maloof Family

The sale of their stake in the Vegas Golden Knights marks a significant milestone for the Maloof Family. It allows them to further their divestment strategy and pursue new opportunities outside of the sports industry. While they will no longer have a direct ownership stake in the team, their legacy as early investors and supporters will always be recognized and appreciated by fans and the hockey community.

Future Plans for the Vegas Golden Knights

Despite the change in ownership structure, the future remains bright for the Vegas Golden Knights. The team has established itself as a competitive force in the NHL and has a loyal fan base that rallies behind them. The remaining consortium of investors is fully committed to the long-term success of the team and will continue to invest in its growth and development. Fans can rest assured that the Vegas Golden Knights will continue to compete at the highest level and strive for championships.


The sale of a 15% stake in the Vegas Golden Knights by the Maloof Family is a significant event in the team’s history. It reflects the family’s strategic decision to divest their sports holdings and focus on other ventures. The impact on the team’s ownership and operations is expected to be minimal, and the remaining consortium of investors remains fully committed to the Vegas Golden Knights’ success. With a strong fan base and a competitive team, the future looks promising for the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL.