Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Jonathan Quick is worth an add

Are you looking to boost your fantasy hockey team? Look no further than Jonathan Quick. This valuable player is worth adding to your roster, bringing his exceptional skills and experience to the ice. With his impressive stats and knack for making game-changing saves, Quick is a game-changer who can give your team the edge it needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your lineup – consider adding Jonathan Quick to your fantasy hockey team today.

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Jonathan Quick is worth an add

Jonathan Quick’s Performance

Jonathan Quick has been consistently delivering excellent performances throughout the season, making him a valuable asset to any fantasy hockey team. His ability to consistently perform at a high level can be seen in his impressive save percentage and goals against average.

Quick’s consistent performance

Jonathan Quick has been a reliable and consistent presence in the net for the team. It is his consistent performance that has earned him a spot among the top goaltenders in the league. Regardless of the opponent, Quick brings his A-game every night, providing a solid foundation for his team’s defense.

Quick’s save percentage

One of the key indicators of a goaltender’s performance is their save percentage, and Quick does not disappoint in this aspect. He boasts an impressive save percentage that puts him among the league’s elite netminders. This statistic is a testament to his ability to make crucial saves and keep opposing teams at bay.

Quick’s goals against average

Jonathan Quick’s goals against average is another remarkable aspect of his performance. With a consistently low goals against average, he effectively minimizes the number of goals scored against his team. This provides a significant advantage in close games and ensures that his team is always in contention for the win.

Quick’s recent form

Recent games have shown that Quick is in top form. His recent performances have been exceptional, with remarkable saves and commanding presence in the crease. This suggests that he is not only a reliable option but also someone who can elevate their game when it matters most.

Team Defense

Apart from Quick’s individual performance, the team’s defense as a whole plays a crucial role in protecting the net and maximizing Quick’s potential.

Protecting the net

The team’s defensive strategy focuses on protecting the net, ensuring that opponents have limited scoring chances. This defensive mindset provides additional support to Quick and allows him to play with confidence, knowing that his teammates are committed to keeping the opposition at bay.

Strong defensive lineup

Jonathan Quick benefits greatly from having a strong defensive lineup in front of him. The team’s defensemen are skilled and experienced, effectively shutting down opponents and minimizing shots on goal. This not only reduces the workload for Quick but also improves the overall defensive performance of the team.

Impenetrable penalty kill

One area where the team excels is the penalty kill. The players are disciplined and effective at blocking shots, disrupting passing lanes, and clearing loose pucks. This has resulted in an excellent penalty kill percentage, further enhancing Quick’s performance by limiting the number of power-play goals conceded.

Game Opportunities

The number of upcoming games, favorable matchups, and rest advantage can all play a significant role in a goaltender’s fantasy hockey value. Let’s take a look at how these factors affect Jonathan Quick’s potential performance.

Number of upcoming games

The number of games a goaltender is scheduled to play can significantly impact their value in fantasy hockey. With a busy schedule ahead, Quick is likely to see ample playing time, giving you the opportunity to accumulate valuable fantasy points.

Favorable matchups

When evaluating potential goaltender options, it’s essential to consider the matchups they will face. Quick has a favorable schedule with several matchups against lower-scoring teams. This provides a promising opportunity for him to showcase his skills and earn fantasy points for your team.

Rest advantage

Rest plays a crucial role in a goaltender’s performance, and Quick benefits from having a schedule that allows for adequate rest between games. This rest advantage helps him stay fresh and maintains his high level of play throughout the season.

Historical Performances

Looking at Jonathan Quick’s historical performances gives us additional insights into his fantasy hockey value. Factors such as previous seasons’ performance, playoff success, and experience in high-pressure situations can highlight his reliability and ability to perform when it matters most.

Previous seasons’ performance

Jonathan Quick’s track record speaks for itself. He has consistently been one of the top goaltenders in the league, putting up impressive numbers season after season. This consistency demonstrates his ability to perform at a high level and reinforces his value as a fantasy hockey asset.

Playoff success

A goaltender’s performance in the playoffs is often a testament to their ability to handle high-pressure situations. Quick has a history of success in the playoffs, having helped his team hoist the Stanley Cup in the past. This playoff success showcases his mental toughness and ability to elevate his game in crucial moments.

Experience in high-pressure situations

Jonathan Quick’s experience in high-pressure situations extends beyond the playoffs. He has represented his country in international competitions, facing off against the world’s best players. This experience translates into a calm and composed demeanor on the ice, even in the most intense situations.

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Jonathan Quick is worth an add

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Specialty Stats

Beyond the traditional save percentage and goals against average, there are several other statistics that provide valuable insights into a goaltender’s performance. Let’s explore Jonathan Quick’s performance in terms of quality starts, shutouts, saves, and winning percentage.

Quality Starts

A quality start occurs when a goaltender posts a save percentage of .910 or higher while allowing two goals or less. Quick has a solid track record of quality starts, consistently meeting this criteria and providing a reliable performance for his team.


A shutout is the ultimate achievement for a goaltender, showcasing their ability to completely shut down the opposition. Quick has proven himself in this domain, accumulating a significant number of shutouts in his career. This statistic is a clear indicator of his ability to dominate games and secure crucial wins for his team.


The number of saves a goaltender makes throughout a game can showcase their workload and ability to keep their team in the game. Quick consistently makes a high number of saves, demonstrating his agility, reflexes, and determination to keep the puck out of the net.

Winning percentage

In the end, a goaltender’s main goal is to secure wins for their team. Quick has a solid winning percentage, consistently providing his team with an opportunity to come out on top. This winning mindset and ability to close out games make him a valuable asset for any fantasy hockey team.

Injury Updates

It is important to stay up to date on a player’s injury status to ensure their availability and performance in fantasy hockey. Let’s take a look at Jonathan Quick’s current injury status and expected return date.

Current injury status

As of the latest update, Jonathan Quick is currently injury-free and ready to contribute to his team’s success. This is great news for fantasy hockey managers looking to add a reliable goaltender to their roster.

Expected return date

With no current injuries to report, Quick is expected to continue playing and making significant contributions for his team. Fantasy hockey managers can rest easy knowing that Quick will be available to bolster their goaltending stats.

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Jonathan Quick is worth an add

Goal Support

While a goaltender’s performance is essential in fantasy hockey, the amount of goal support they receive from their team is also important. Let’s take a look at the offensive firepower, scoring potential, and goal distribution of Jonathan Quick’s team.

Offensive firepower

Jonathan Quick’s team possesses a formidable offensive firepower. With skilled forwards and talented defensemen who contribute offensively, the team is capable of putting up a significant number of goals. This offensive support provides Quick with a higher probability of earning wins and accumulating fantasy points.

Scoring potential

The team’s scoring potential is consistently high due to their ability to generate quality scoring chances and capitalize on their opportunities. Quick benefits from this scoring potential as it increases his chances of receiving goal support and securing wins for his team.

Goal distribution

Another crucial aspect of the team’s offense is the even distribution of goals among different players. This balanced scoring approach ensures that the opposition cannot focus solely on shutting down one player, making it more challenging to contain the team’s offense. Quick benefits from this goal distribution as it prevents opponents from exploiting any weaknesses and keeps them guessing throughout the game.

Ownership Percentage

Jonathan Quick’s fantasy hockey value is often underrated, resulting in a low ownership percentage. This provides a unique opportunity for savvy fantasy hockey managers to add him to their teams and benefit from his consistent performance.

Low ownership percentage

Despite his remarkable performance and consistent success, Quick’s ownership percentage remains relatively low. This could be due to his team’s lower overall standings or the perception that he is not as glamorous as other high-profile goaltenders. However, this low ownership percentage presents a valuable opportunity for fantasy hockey managers to capitalize on his underrated status.

Value due to underrated status

Jonathan Quick’s underrated status in fantasy hockey leagues allows managers to acquire him at a lower draft position or through a trade at a favorable value. By recognizing his consistent performance and undervalued status, fantasy hockey managers can strengthen their goaltending position and potentially outperform opponents who overlook Quick’s value.

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Jonathan Quick is worth an add

Availability in Leagues

Jonathan Quick’s availability in different league types and the number of teams can also influence his fantasy hockey value. Let’s explore his availability in various league types and the advantages it may offer.

League types

Jonathan Quick is available in all major fantasy hockey league types, including standard, keeper, and dynasty leagues. This means that regardless of the league format, Quick can be added to your roster and provide consistent goaltending performance.

Number of teams

The number of teams in a league affects the overall depth at the goaltender position. Given Quick’s consistency and performance, he is sure to be a valuable asset in leagues with a higher number of teams. With fewer high-quality goaltenders available, Quick’s skillset and reliability make him an even more valuable addition to your roster.

Potential Trade Value

Jonathan Quick’s performance and consistent contributions make him a valuable trade asset in fantasy hockey. Let’s explore the potential trade scenarios and the value he can offer to your team.

Value as a trade asset

Jonathan Quick’s consistent performance and highly valuable stats make him an attractive trade asset. Managers looking to bolster their goaltending position or add a reliable goaltender to their roster will find significant value in acquiring Quick. His track record, playoff success, and exceptional save percentage make him a desirable trade target.

Possible trade scenarios

There are several possible trade scenarios involving Jonathan Quick. As a fantasy hockey manager, you can explore trading for Quick to strengthen your goaltending position. Alternatively, if you already have a strong goaltending lineup, you can consider trading Quick to acquire other valuable assets and address any weaknesses in your team. The versatility and value that Quick brings to the table make him a valuable trade asset in various scenarios.

In conclusion, Jonathan Quick is a valuable player worth adding to your fantasy hockey team. His consistent performance, remarkable save percentage, and goals against average make him a reliable option in net. With a strong defensive lineup and impenetrable penalty kill in front of him, Quick benefits from excellent team defense. The number of upcoming games, favorable matchups, and rest advantage provide additional opportunities for Quick to excel in fantasy hockey. His historical performances, specialty stats, and underrated status contribute to his overall value. Consider adding Jonathan Quick to your roster and benefit from his exceptional goaltending skills.

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire: Jonathan Quick is worth an add