Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season

Lace up your skates and get ready for an exhilarating read in the world of Fantasy Hockey. In this edition of “Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops,” we take a closer look at the talented Jacob Markstrom and the burning question of whether or not he should be saved for the rest of the season. As part of the Fantasy Hockey section on Yahoo Sports, this article not only dives into Markstrom’s performance, but also provides valuable insights on NHL teams, players, standings, stats, and playoffs. But wait, there’s more! Yahoo Sports covers a wide range of other sports such as NFL, MLB, NBA, soccer, college football, MMA, WNBA, tennis, golf, NASCAR, and much more. So grab your favorite jersey and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season


Fantasy hockey is all about making strategic decisions to assemble the strongest team possible. One crucial position in fantasy hockey is the goaltender, who often plays a significant role in determining the outcome of a matchup. In this article, we will focus on whether or not you should save Jacob Markstrom, a talented goaltender, for the rest of the season in your fantasy hockey league.

Analysis of Jacob Markstrom’s Performance

To assess whether you should save Markstrom for the rest of the season, it’s crucial to consider his past performance and current playing form. Markstrom has had an impressive career, showcasing his skills and ability to make critical saves in crucial moments. However, his current performance is what matters most in fantasy hockey.

In the current season, Markstrom has been a standout player for his team. He has consistently displayed his agility, reflexes, and ability to track the puck, making him a reliable goaltender. His save percentage and goals-against average reflect his competence between the pipes. Markstrom’s performance suggests that he is a valuable asset for your fantasy team.

Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season

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Impact on NHL Teams

Markstrom’s performance extends beyond individual statistics; it directly impacts the success of NHL teams. His presence in the goal instills confidence in his teammates and allows the whole team to focus on their offensive game plan. Markstrom’s ability to make crucial saves often sparks momentum swings that can change the outcome of a game.

Moreover, Markstrom’s performance has a significant impact on team chemistry. A reliable goaltender can boost the morale of the entire team, creating a positive atmosphere on and off the ice. This chemistry can improve defensive strategies, leading to a stronger overall team performance.

Comparison with Other NHL Goalies

To gauge Markstrom’s value, it’s important to compare him with other NHL goalies. In terms of statistics, Markstrom holds his own against some of the league’s top netminders. His save percentage and goals-against average compare favorably to many other goaltenders, making him a top-tier option in fantasy hockey.

Scouting reports on Markstrom also highlight his technical skills and hockey sense. He possesses the ability to read plays and anticipate shots, positioning himself effectively in the crease. These attributes elevate his overall fantasy value and make him a reliable choice.

Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season

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Stats and Standings

Examining Markstrom’s individual stats gives a more comprehensive understanding of his impact. His save percentage, goals-against average, and shutout record indicate his ability to consistently perform at a high level. These statistics directly contribute to his fantasy hockey value and suggest that he is a reliable option for your team.

Furthermore, Markstrom’s presence significantly improves his team’s performance. By analyzing team stats with Markstrom in net, it’s evident that his contributions positively affect the team’s win-loss record and overall defensive prowess. This correlation strengthens the argument for including him on your fantasy roster.

Considering the standings and playoff picture is crucial when evaluating Markstrom’s long-term value for your team. If his team is in contention for a playoff spot, his performances become even more valuable as the season progresses. The opportunity to accumulate points in critical matchups makes him an enticing option for fantasy hockey managers.

The Importance of Playoff Performance

Playoff performance is a crucial factor when deciding whether to save Markstrom for the rest of the season. History shows that goaltenders who excel in the playoffs often provide significant value for fantasy hockey managers. A strong playoff run can propel a team to victory and boost a goaltender’s fantasy statistics.

Additionally, the high-stakes nature of the playoffs means that every save and win becomes even more meaningful. Playoff points carry immense weight in fantasy hockey, making goaltenders who perform well in these high-pressure situations invaluable assets for fantasy managers.

However, it’s essential to consider the potential risks and rewards of relying heavily on Markstrom during the playoffs, as outlined in the following sections.

Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season

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Risks of Overworking Markstrom

While it may be tempting to play Markstrom in every game to maximize fantasy points, there are inherent risks associated with overworking a goaltender. These risks primarily revolve around physical and mental exhaustion, increased injury risk, and decreased performance.

Goalies endure immense physical exertion throughout the season, which can take a toll on their bodies. Overworking Markstrom increases the chances of fatigue setting in, leading to diminished reflexes and overall performance. Additionally, mental exhaustion can impact a goalie’s focus and decision-making abilities, diminishing their effectiveness between the pipes.

Moreover, an increased workload significantly raises the risk of injuries. Goaltenders face countless shots and endure frequent collisions in the crease, making them susceptible to various injuries. By managing Markstrom’s playing time, you can mitigate the chances of him sustaining an injury, ensuring his availability during crucial matchups.

Managing Markstrom’s Playing Time

To maximize Markstrom’s fantasy value while minimizing the risks associated with overworking him, a careful management approach is necessary. Utilizing rest days strategically is one effective way to balance his playing time. By giving Markstrom adequate rest, you allow him to recover physically and mentally, ensuring he remains sharp and at his best.

Balancing regular season and playoff performance is another essential aspect of managing a goaltender’s playing time. While it’s important to secure wins during the regular season to qualify for the playoffs, it’s equally crucial to have a fresh and healthy goalie for the postseason. Collaborating with the coaching staff to plan Markstrom’s workload can help strike a balance that optimizes his performance in both scenarios.

Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season

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Backup Goalie Options

Having a reliable backup goalie is essential to support Markstrom and manage his workload effectively. A competent backup can step in and provide quality starts, allowing Markstrom to rest without compromising the team’s chances of winning. Fantasy hockey managers should keep a close eye on backup goalies in case they need to make a roster move and secure a reliable replacement.

Strategies for Fantasy Hockey Managers

As a fantasy hockey manager, it’s important to implement strategies that maximize your chances of success. When it comes to goaltenders, having a reliable option like Markstrom provides several advantages. His consistent performance and strong statistics make him a valuable asset for any fantasy team.

One strategy is to rotate goaltenders based on their matchups. This approach allows you to take advantage of favorable matchups and exploit teams with weak offensive capabilities. By regularly monitoring team and injury updates, you can identify potential opportunities to stream goaltenders who have high chances of success in specific games.

Exploring trade opportunities is another option to consider. If you have Markstrom on your roster and another manager covets him, you could potentially leverage his value to acquire another impactful player for your team. Trading Markstrom can help address any positional weaknesses or provide additional depth in other areas of your lineup.

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season in fantasy hockey, his consistent performance and value to his NHL team make him a strong option to include in your lineup. By managing his playing time carefully, utilizing rest days strategically, and considering backup goalie options, you can optimize Markstrom’s performance and enhance your chances of success in fantasy hockey.

Fantasy Hockey Puck Drops: No need to save Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season