Coyotes’ Travis Dermott defies NHL ban on Pride Tape; league to review ‘in due course’

In a bold move that defies the NHL’s ban on Pride Tape, Coyotes’ Travis Dermott proudly adorned his hockey stick with the symbol of inclusion and support for the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the league’s disapproval, Dermott’s actions demonstrate his unwavering commitment to equality on and off the ice. With the NHL promising to review the incident “in due course,” the stage is set for a crucial conversation surrounding acceptance in professional sports.


NHL ban on Pride Tape

The NHL, the premier professional ice hockey league in North America, has long been known for its strict rules and regulations regarding equipment and player appearance. However, one particular ban caught the attention of the hockey community and sparked a heated debate. The NHL had banned the use of Pride Tape, a vibrant rainbow-colored adhesive tape that players use to wrap their hockey sticks in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Use of Pride Tape by Travis Dermott

In the midst of this controversy, Travis Dermott, a defenseman for the Arizona Coyotes, made a bold decision. He chose to defy the NHL ban and used Pride Tape on his hockey stick during a crucial game. The act, while seemingly small, carried significant implications and sent a powerful message.

NHL’s response and promise of review

Following Dermott’s act of defiance, the NHL responded by stating that they would review the incident “in due course.” This review would determine whether the ban on Pride Tape would be lifted or upheld. Hockey fans and advocates eagerly awaited the outcome, curious to see how the league would address the growing demand for inclusivity and acceptance in professional sports.

Travis Dermott’s Defiance

Travis Dermott’s decision to use Pride Tape

Travis Dermott’s decision to use Pride Tape on his hockey stick was not made lightly. As a young player in the NHL, Dermott recognized the importance of standing up for what he believed was right. He firmly believed that the ban on Pride Tape was unjust and discriminatory, and he wanted to use his platform as a professional athlete to challenge the status quo.

Implications and message behind the act

Dermott’s act of defiance sent a clear message to the NHL and the broader hockey community. By proudly displaying the rainbow-colored Pride Tape on his stick, Dermott symbolized his support for the LGBTQ+ community and his belief in the power of inclusivity. His action spoke volumes about the need for change and sparked a conversation about the role of athletes in driving social progress.

Coyotes Travis Dermott defies NHL ban on Pride Tape; league to review in due course

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Reactions from Fans and Players

Social media support for Dermott

Travis Dermott’s decision to use Pride Tape did not go unnoticed. Fans took to social media platforms to express their admiration and support for his act of defiance. Countless tweets and posts praised Dermott for his bravery and for taking a stand against the ban. The overwhelming support demonstrated the growing demand for LGBTQ+ inclusion in hockey and the desire for professional sports to be more representative of our diverse society.

Criticism of NHL’s ban

While Dermott received overwhelming support, there were also voices of criticism directed towards the NHL’s ban on Pride Tape. Many fans and members of the hockey community argued that the ban was outdated and discriminatory. They maintained that limiting players’ freedom of expression, especially when it came to showing solidarity with marginalized communities, went against the very principles of inclusivity and acceptance that the sport should uphold.

Player solidarity and support

Dermott’s act of defiance had a ripple effect throughout the hockey world. Other players, both within the NHL and at lower levels of the sport, expressed their solidarity with Dermott’s decision. This display of unity demonstrated the importance of allies and the interconnectedness of athletes in advocating for change. Together, they hoped to challenge the NHL’s ban and push for a more inclusive hockey culture.

Explanation of Pride Tape

Origins and purpose of Pride Tape

Pride Tape, a project created by Calder Bateman Communications and the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta, was launched in 2016. The tape’s rainbow design was inspired by the LGBTQ+ pride flag, symbolizing love, acceptance, and inclusion. Its purpose was to promote equality in sports and create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ athletes and fans.

Positive impact on LGBTQ+ community in hockey

Since its introduction, Pride Tape has had a profound impact on the LGBTQ+ community within the hockey world. By using the tape, players demonstrate their support and solidarity, creating a visible symbol of inclusivity. This visibility not only provides a sense of belonging for LGBTQ+ players but also sends a powerful message to fans and aspiring athletes that hockey is a sport for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Coyotes Travis Dermott defies NHL ban on Pride Tape; league to review in due course

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NHL Rules and Regulations

Overview of NHL policies on equipment and activism

The NHL has always maintained strict rules and regulations regarding players’ equipment and appearance. These guidelines aim to ensure uniformity, safety, and fairness on the ice. While some restrictions are necessary, critics argue that certain regulations, such as the ban on Pride Tape, unnecessarily limit players’ ability to express themselves and show support for important causes.

Discussion on the ban on Pride Tape

The ban on Pride Tape has sparked heated debates within the NHL community. Supporters of the ban assert that it upholds the league’s policy on equipment consistency and prevents distractions. However, opponents argue that the ban is rooted in outdated ideologies and overlooks the importance of social progress. They maintain that allowing Pride Tape would foster a more inclusive and accepting hockey culture.

Reviewing the Ban

NHL’s promise to review the ban

In response to Travis Dermott’s act of defiance, the NHL made a public statement, promising to review the ban on Pride Tape “in due course.” The league recognized the significance of Dermott’s action and the resulting discussion it had ignited within the hockey community. This promised review was seen as a step forward, offering hope to advocates for inclusivity and acceptance in professional sports.

Factors for reconsideration

As the NHL entered the process of reviewing the ban on Pride Tape, several factors came into play. The league had to weigh the concerns of equipment consistency against the growing demand for inclusivity. They needed to consider the impact that embracing Pride Tape could have on the league’s image and fan base, as well as the potential for positive change and representation within the hockey world.

Possible outcomes and impacts

The outcome of the review held the potential for significant change within the NHL. If the ban on Pride Tape were to be lifted, it would mark a significant step towards a more inclusive hockey environment. The act of allowing players to express their support for the LGBTQ+ community would send a powerful message of acceptance, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere within the league.

Coyotes Travis Dermott defies NHL ban on Pride Tape; league to review in due course

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Support for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Hockey

Growing acceptance of LGBTQ+ athletes in sports

In recent years, professional sports leagues have taken significant strides towards LGBTQ+ inclusivity. Many leagues, including the NHL, have implemented initiatives aimed at promoting acceptance and representation within their respective sports. This growing acceptance demonstrates a shifting cultural landscape and reflects the increasing importance of diversity and inclusion in the world of professional sports.

Initiatives promoting inclusivity in professional hockey

Within the hockey world, initiatives such as You Can Play and Hockey Is For Everyone have emerged as beacons of inclusivity. These programs strive to create an environment where LGBTQ+ athletes and fans feel safe, accepted, and celebrated. By raising awareness and providing resources, these initiatives contribute to the overall cultural shift towards a more inclusive and accepting hockey community.

The importance of representation and visibility

Representation and visibility play a crucial role in promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion in professional sports. When LGBTQ+ athletes see others like themselves succeeding in their chosen sport, it sends a powerful message that they too can achieve greatness. By allowing players to use Pride Tape, the NHL would not only embrace inclusivity but also provide much-needed representation for LGBTQ+ individuals within the hockey community.

Changing Attitudes in Professional Sports

Evolving perspectives and acceptance in sports leagues

Professional sports leagues have experienced a significant shift in attitudes towards LGBTQ+ inclusion in recent years. As societal norms evolve, so do the perspectives of athletes, team organizations, and fans. Increasingly, there is recognition that inclusivity is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes sports stronger and more reflective of the diverse communities they represent.

Past controversies and challenges

Although progress has been made, it is important to acknowledge the past controversies and challenges that have shaped the current landscape. From the coming out of notable athletes to the battles fought for marriage equality, the journey towards LGBTQ+ acceptance in sports has been fraught with difficulties. However, it is through these challenges that change has been propelled, leading us to where we are today.

The role of athletes in driving change

Athletes hold a unique position of influence and power within society. Their actions and advocacy carry weight, as they can impact not only the success of their respective teams but also the conversations surrounding societal issues. Athletes like Travis Dermott, who use their platform to challenge the status quo and push for change, play a crucial role in driving the conversation and shaping attitudes within the sports world.

Coyotes Travis Dermott defies NHL ban on Pride Tape; league to review in due course

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Impact on the Coyotes and Dermott

Possible consequences for Dermott’s act

Travis Dermott’s act of defiance could potentially have consequences for both himself and the Arizona Coyotes organization. The NHL may choose to issue disciplinary measures for Dermott for violating the ban on Pride Tape. Such consequences could include fines, suspensions, or other penalties. Additionally, the Coyotes may face scrutiny and potential repercussions for their player’s actions, leading to uncertainties about the team’s reputation and sponsorship deals.

Support from the Coyotes organization

Despite the potential risks, the Arizona Coyotes organization has expressed their support for Travis Dermott’s decision to use Pride Tape. The team recognizes the importance of aligning with their players’ values and demonstrating inclusivity both on and off the ice. This backing from the organization signifies a commitment to fostering an accepting environment within the team and promoting positive change within the NHL.

Discussion on the wider impact

Dermott’s act of defiance extends beyond the boundaries of the Arizona Coyotes organization. The ripple effect of his actions has reignited the conversation about LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports and brought attention to the NHL’s ban on Pride Tape. As the discussion continues to gain momentum, it has the potential to shape the future of the sport and challenge long-standing prejudices within hockey.


The incident involving Travis Dermott’s defiance of the NHL ban on Pride Tape underscores the ongoing struggle for inclusivity and acceptance in professional sports. Dermott’s decision to wrap his hockey stick in Pride Tape sent a powerful message about the importance of standing up for what is right and challenging unjust rules. The overwhelming support from fans, players, and the Arizona Coyotes organization indicates a growing demand for change within the hockey world.

As the NHL reviews the ban on Pride Tape, it is essential to recognize the positive impact that embracing inclusivity can have on the sport. Initiatives promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and acceptance in hockey, coupled with changing attitudes within professional sports, all contribute to the landscape of progress. The potential lifting of the ban on Pride Tape would not only mark a significant milestone but also serve as a catalyst for further change within the NHL and beyond.

Inclusive and accepting professional sports environments are crucial for the well-being and success of all athletes, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Representation, visibility, and allyship all play vital roles in fostering an environment where everyone feels safe, supported, and valued. As the hockey world navigates this journey towards inclusivity, it is imperative that we continue to celebrate diversity and champion acceptance in professional sports.

Coyotes Travis Dermott defies NHL ban on Pride Tape; league to review in due course