Ducks forward Rakell debuts saxophone skills at wedding in Sweden


Kenny G, look out for Ricky R.

Anaheim Ducks forward Rickard Rakell celebrated his wedding in Sweden this weekend and, in a surprise move, played a full song on the saxophone for his guests.

Rakell had been learning in secret, not even his bride, Emmeli, was aware until the big day.

Tweet from @AnaheimDucks: No big deal, @RickyRakell93 learned to play the saxophone in secret for years just for this moment at his recent wedding in Sweden. (Courtesy

The song Rakell played was “No Man No Cry,” by artist Jim Rolland aka Jimmy Sax.

Emmeli was impressed, as she stated in her Instagram caption.

“You truly are one of a kind,” the newly-minted Mrs. Rakell wrote. “Never played an instrument in your life before, and there you where preforming a full song on a saxophone at our wedding day! After years of practicing in secret hiding the equipment for our family and friends, only for this moment. But I know who I married, the most determined person I ever met! Warning for a lot of cheering.”

While Rakell may not be ready to trade in his skates for a horn full time, he certainly crushed his first live performance.

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