Benny the Bull becomes Tommy Hawk in Chicago mascot swap


It was an idea so crazy, it actually worked. 

If Tommy Hawk looked a little different in the stands during the Chicago Blackhawks game against the Florida Panthers on Thursday, it’s because that wasn’t him at all.

It was his dear friend Benny the Bull, the Chicago Bulls mascot who also resides at United Center, wearing a clever disguise, mainly a giant bird beak.

The Windy City buddies came up with their idea of a mascot swap while having movie night. They screened “The Parent Trap,” which of course features identical twins who were separated at birth switching lives. They even switched their names on Twitter to “Tommy Bull” and “Benny the Hawk.”

Once the light bulb went off, they engaged in a rigorous training session with everything from Tommy playing “Chelsea Dagger” on the organ to teach Benny the Blackhawks’ goal song, to Benny showing Tommy proper popcorn trolling.

Tweet from @BhawkTommyHawk: What could go wrong? 🤷���������#MascotSwap@NHLBlackhawks @bennythebull @chicagobulls @NHL @NBA

Naturally, a big part of Tommy’s job is catching pucks from Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane, so that too was part of the process. 

Tweet from @bennythebull: My training is complete. I���m ready for you @88PKane 😤#MascotSwap@NHLBlackhawks @BhawkTommyHawk

Benny was still a little confused about the quarter vs. period situation, but it looked like he had the hang of everything else. 

Tweet from @BhawkTommyHawk: We went over this. It���s called intermission! 🤦��������� #MascotSwap

And with the Bulls’ next home game on Friday, it’ll be Tommy’s turn to show what he learned.  

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