Oshie welcomes Chara to D.C. with photo of previous tussle


There’s a new guy in town, though he’s definitely no stranger to the Washington Capitals. 

Zdeno Chara, 43, signed a one-year contract with the Capitals on Wednesday after spending the previous 14 seasons with the Boston Bruins, where he also served as captain since 2006. The defenseman is entering his 22nd season in the NHL.

New teammate T.J. Oshie wasted no time reacting to the big announcement.

Tweet from @TJOshie77: Looking forward to not doing this anymore! At least not in games… Welcome to DC Big Z!!! #ALLCAPS pic.twitter.com/RqhuGIfl6M

Oshie posted a photo to Twitter of himself on the receiving end of a Chara hit, saying he looked forward to no longer being on the receiving end of Chara’s physical play.

The Capitals and Bruins have seen plenty of each other over the years, and while he was a pillar in Boston, he maybe wasn’t so beloved by opponents.

But all the animosity is in the past now. 

Washington shared an altered image of what Chara will look like in a Capitals uniform, which is a little weird for everyone to look at. 

Tweet from @Capitals: 2020, right? #ALLCAPS | https://t.co/1Pqb61mP5q pic.twitter.com/aVcpZfQ7Xg

Capitals legend Peter Bondra went so far as to offer Chara a place to stay. 

Tweet from @PeterBondra12: Big Zee, welcome to D.C.! My guest bedroom is available 🇸🇰😀 #ALLCAPS https://t.co/ypN2TLyJ9d

Hopefully it won’t come to that, but it’s still nice to know the option is available. 

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Chara’s arrival. 

Tweet from @TedLeonsis: Zdeno Chara is a Washington Capital. Historic leader, athlete and winner. Wow!��#ALLCAPS https://t.co/aBSFhlcrvX

And to sprinkle a little more spice on this turn of events, thanks to the temporary division realignment because of coronavirus restrictions, the Capitals and Bruins are scheduled to play each other eight times during the regular season.

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