Octopus from Seattle Aquarium announced a Kraken Expansion Draft pick


The Seattle Kraken found a multitude of interesting ways to make selections in the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft Presented by Upper Deck on Wednesday. The selection of the Detroit Red Wings defenseman was made by an actual real-life octopus.

Licorice, an octopus from the Seattle Aquarium revealed a card with Cholowski’s name on it as the Kraken’s pick from the Red Wings.

The Seattle Aquarium shared their excitement about their involvement in the process on social media.

Tweet from @SeattleAquarium: We’ve got all eight arms raised over here! pic.twitter.com/dJjPcOrqd9

Plenty of other Seattle-based stars made an appearance at the Expansion Draft to announce picks, but Cholowski was the only pick made with eight limbs. Forward Alexander True’s selection from the San Jose Sharks was also done underwater, courtesy of a diver in the aquarium tank.

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