Mikheyev cements souper-stardom in new ad


When you’ve earned the title, “Chief Soup Officer,” you can bend the rules.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ilya Mikheyev professed his love for soup upon his NHL debut on Oct. 2, 2019, and the legend of Souperman was born. Now in a new ad for Campbell’s, Mikheyev shows that even souper heroes take shortcuts sometimes.

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In the spot, Mikheyev is on the phone with his mother Natalya, who is coaching him through making her creamy tomato soup. But instead of following her directions, he just opens a can and heats the contents on the stove.

After a taste test, Mikheyev declares it reminds him of home, with apologies to mom, and gives a wink.

Mikheyev and soup became synonymous following his first NHL game, in which he had a goal and an assist. He was asked about adjusting to Canada after leaving his native Russia and it turns out he was shocked that his favorite food wasn’t more popular in his new home.

“What’s important for me, I don’t know why – I like soup,” he told reporters. “Yes. I like soup. I don’t know why you don’t eat soup.”

He further endeared himself to Maple Leafs faithful when he later said he was trying to get better at speaking English by watching the sitcom “Friends” on Netflix.

But the soup thing stuck and became his Twitter handle(@Souperman65), and his partnership with Campbell’s became official in February.

So this certainly won’t be the last time we see Mikheyev extolling the virtues of a steaming bowl of homey goodness. The sky’s the limit when you’re a budding souperstar.

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