Kreider pranks Strome during presser, moves table, makes ghost noises


Ah, the old haunted press conference table trick. That one’s been around for ages.

New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider decided he was going to crash teammate Ryan Strome‘s video press conference after their 4-2 victory against the Capitals on Thursday.

In the middle of Strome’s response to a reporter’s question, the table in front of him with the microphone slowly starts to raise.

Tweet from @NYRangers: No one’s having fun at all.

Strome’s hands are in plain sight, so you can see it is not him moving the table. But then he calls out Kreider for the gag while he is talking to reporters.

Kreider, though, was committed to the bit, making what can only be described as spooky ghost noises in an attempt to convince anyone watching that a supernatural event was actually occurring.

It’s a little early for Halloween, but in terms of good clean fun, we’re going to allow it.

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