Iginla interviewed about cold weather by Boston-area TV station


The weather in Boston was cold and snowy on Saturday. Fortunately, the driver interviewed by an area TV news station has plenty of experience on ice.

Hockey Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla was stopped by a seemingly unsuspecting Boston-based news reporter, and asked to give his best assessment of the awful driving conditions.

Tweet from @boston25: It’s not every day that our Boston 25 News crew (@LitsaPappas) interviews a hockey hall of famer and former @NHLBruins. WATCH>>https://t.co/ursdl51Y4G

Iginla was at a rest stop in Lexington, Massachusetts when he was interviewed by FOX 25 Boston. He told the station he was headed to Haverhill for a hockey game and that the conditions were rough, even for the Edmonton native who spent 16 of his 20 NHL seasons with the Calgary Flames.

“I like the snow. I like the winter, but this might be a little too much,” Iginla told the TV station. “We’re from Canada so it’s not too crazy… Used to this growing up, so it’s not great, I’ll tell you, you get some tough stretches, but if you don’t go too fast it’s doable.”

Later, the station¬†posted the spot on their website¬†citing Iginla’s 2013-14 season with the Boston Bruins.

Iginla’s interview was reminiscent of the time veteran goalie Roberto Luongo famously gave his take on the weather.

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