Holtbys new helmet features Indigenous mythical Thunderbird


If Braden Holtby were looking to make some thunderous noise with his new goalie mask, mission accomplished.

The Vancouver Canucks goalie’s new bucket features the Thunderbird, a supernatural figure associated with Northwest Coast Indigenous myths.

The Thunderbird is said to be the creator of thunder by flapping its sizable wings (which also shoot arrows to hunt prey) and igniting flashes of lightning by blinking its eyes. 

Holtby’s helmet was designed by Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt. Gunnarsson also posted a 360-degree video look at the helmet.

Each side of the mask has massive wings painted in Canucks blue and green. The top of the mask features the head and beak consistent with Indigenous renderings of the creature.

In Native American culture, the Thunderbird is a symbol of power, strength and nobility, and is known for protecting humans from evil spirits.

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