Gritty 5K to return as in-person event with Flyers mascot lookalikes


The running of the Grittys is back. 

After going virtual for the second annual Gritty 5K, the event will have in-person and virtual options for participation. The first Gritty 5K was a wild and wacky parade of fans running and walking the route in their best Gritty getups.

And the Philadelphia Flyers mascot had a special message to get everyone excited to join the festivities that will benefit Flyers Charities.

Tweet from @GrittyNHL:

“Dearest Gritizens, 

You’ve missed me. I get that, I’ve missed me too. We’ve been communicating with each other through the internet for over a year now and like most online relationships, it’s not real until we meet up and you realize you’ve been catfished but you’ve already invested so much time and wi-fi into this thing that you give it a shot anyway. So I’ve arranged for us a lil’ get together, face to fur. I call it, the THIRD ANNUAL Gritty 5K. 

We’ve done this twice before. The first one was cool, you flaunted your best(ish) wanna-be Gritty costumes and we shared some lasting mems. The second one… well the second one was virtual. It was a real shame we didn’t see each other last year. But trust me, it hurt you more than it hurt me. From what I saw, it seemed like some of you were more interested in running fast and less interested in winning the coveted first place prize of Best In Fur. I DO NOT GIVE GOLD MEDALS TO TRY HARDS WHO CAN RUN FAST. That’s what the Olympics are for. Let me make this easy for you: 


  • Make a DIY Gritty costume
  • Bring your friends (the fun ones) 
  • Get weird 


  • Try too hard
  • Wear skin-tight clothing (nobody wants to see that) 
  • Even look at me if you come in 1st place 

The Gritty 5K has everything: running, sweat, medals for even our last place finishers, water in tiny little paper cups, and those numbered bibs that we force you to pin to your shirt. It’s full of surprises, detours, and flying cakes so keep your head on a swivel. And, most importantly, it’s all for charity aka tax write offs so you can feel good morally, mentally, and (maybe not) physically. If you can’t make it to my 5K, that’s okay because you can also run, jog, walk, idc it virtually. You literally do not have an excuse. 

Warm Regards, 

The race will take place at 7 a.m. on Nov. 6 at the Wells Fargo Center and registrants will receive a Gritty 5K-themed long sleeve tech shirt, finisher’s medal, and reusable tote.

You can sign up for the Gritty 5K presented by Penn Medicine here: Gritty 5K

Tweet from @FlyersCharities: Registration fees are increasing soon for #Gritty5K ������ Lock in our lowest rate by signing up today at! You won’t want to miss this! ������������ @PennMedicine

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