Fleury fan ignores doorbell, misses Golden Knights goalies delivery


Marc-Andre Fleury is used to shutouts but not being shut out.

The Vegas Golden Knights goalie came up empty recently when he hand delivered an autographed jersey to the house of Megan McDonald, one of his biggest fans.

She was home. She just didn’t answer the door.

McDonald won the autographed Fleury jersey in a contest, but was expecting it in the mail and that it wouldn’t show up for a while.

“With Covid, things got understandably delayed,” McDonald told NHL.com. “Then on Monday (January 18), the doorbell rang. I looked to see who it was on my doorbell (camera) but didn’t recognize Fleury. The jersey was in a bag so I couldn’t see what he was holding. I genuinely thought it was a salesman.”

It wasn’t until she opened the door to see what the package was that she gave it another thought.

“Even at that point I still thought it had been dropped off by a (Golden Knights) staff member,” she said. “But then I got an email from his agent letting me know it was Fleury himself and I had sat there on my couch just a few yards away.”

In McDonald’s defense, Fleury was wearing a mask and also made sure to stand far from the door after ringing the bell to adhere to social distancing.

She shared a pretty humorous tweet about the non-encounter and posted the doorbell camera video to Reddit.

Tweet from @meglynnm: That feeling when Marc-Andre Fleury personally delivers a signed jersey to your house but you don���t recognize him in a mask (thanks COVID) and don���t answer the door. 🤦���������🤦���������🤦��������� Sorry Fleury!! #facepalm #imanidiot pic.twitter.com/yNS7R2n68d

A few days after she missed Fleury, her brother, Matthew, got dressed up in the same outfit, mask and hairdo, and rang her doorbell pretending to be the goalie.

“It was hilarious. He studied the video to get it all right and even tried to copy Fleury’s handwriting on the bag,” she said. ” Unfortunately for my brother, he doesn’t have the physique of a professional athlete, so I figured out it was him right away.”

McDonald moved to Las Vegas from Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2013. She was a Pittsburgh Penguins fan growing up thanks to her uncle but when the Golden Knights came into the League with Fleury in goal, she had a new allegiance. During their inaugural season when Vegas won the Western Conference title, McDonald attended all but two home playoff games.

So missing in person Fleury was extra tough.

“I felt mostly shock. And sadness that I missed him,” she said. “Even living in Las Vegas, no one expected him to show up at my door.”

She said she also won a contest where the prize was a Jake Guentzel Penguins jersey but it has not been delivered yet.

“No pressure, Jake!” she joked.

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