Atkinsons grandmother rides Zamboni at his first game with Flyers


Grandma Marge wasn’t missing this game.

Cam Atkinson had a very special fan in attendance for his first game with the Philadelphia Flyers: his grandmother.

And not only did she root on her grandson, in the first game of his NHL career that was not in a Columbus Blue Jackets uniform, she rode the Zamboni between periods.

Judging by social media, Grandma Marge was a big hit. She wore a No. 89 orange home jersey, but backward, to display the Atkinson name across the front, as she is known to do.

Tweet from @NHLFlyers: Grandma Marge wasn’t going to miss @CamAtkinson89’s first game in Philly. 🧡🖤

Grandma Marge, you may remember, gained internet stardom after she proudly displayed the jersey her grandson sent he following the trade.

Tweet from @CamAtkinson89: My grandma Marge looks good in 🟠 ������🧡🖤

Atkinson, of course, had to show out for the woman he calls “my number one fan,” scoring a goal in the second period.

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